Valley High School is a combined middle and high school, serving grades 6 through 12, located in Smithers, West Virginia. It is one of five high schools operated by Fayette Schools, serving roughly the northwest portion of the county along the Kanawha River.  The school population is about 517 students in 6-12th grades.  Students have the opportunity to  take AP classes and college course through a special connection to BridgeValley Community & Technical College and the former campus of WVUTech across the river from the Valley Campus.  Also, the nearness to the state capital city offers opportunities that other Fayette County Schools lack.

Valley has the “Greyhound” as their mascot, and it decorates both sporting and athletic events in their area.

The Valley Campus is on the Fayette- Kanawha County border along the Kanawha River in Smithers.  This campus hosts the high-middle school and also the adjacent elementary school by the same name but under different leadership.  Montgomery is the traditional shopping and medical center for the area.  Montgomery General Hospital has long met health needs to the (UKV) Upper Kanawha Valley.  Smithers and Gauley Bridge are other shopping areas in the VHS zone.  Students here come to us from Montgomery, Smithers, Boomer, Alloy, Charleton Hgts, Falls View Gauley Bridge, Powellton, Deepwater, Adena Village, & Robson.  These are a few of the major communities in Fayette County served by VHS.

This valley has long been a strong industrial center, with a silicon alloy plant at Alloy, and coal mines have long existed on the hills surrounded the valley.  The WV State Prison is on the mountain nearby.  Commuters have long come to the UKV for these job opportunities.  Montgomery is home to BridgeValley Community & Technical College and the former main campus of West Virginia University Institute of Technology.  In years past the VHS football team and other sports shared the football facilities, Martin Field, with WVU Tech.  The school is now has its own facilities for outdoor athletics.

Industry and academics are the hallmark of this valley.  The school is on the eastern edge of West Virginia’s largest metropolitan area and is 24 miles east of the state capitol complex in Charleston, West Virginia.  The area is the most accessible school in the district to public transportation, and the Amtrak Station offers rail service nationwide and KRT commuter buses link to Charleston.  Proximity to the Capital City allows students at Valley to potentially attend cultural and social events regularly.


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